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We Specialize in residential charging station installations.
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We Specialize in Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installations.


About Us


We are a group of professional engineers and installers that specialize in Electric Vehicle Charging Installations.


What do we do?

Our Mission

We are a passionate group of Licensed Electrical Professionals, Engineers and Installers who's primary contribution to facilitating the advent of sustainable transport to the world by responsibly designing, upgrading infrastructure and installing Electric vehicle charging circuits that are safe, reliable and future proof and meet all the standard local and national electrical codes. We function very responsibly, efficiently and constantly growing to provide a worry free service to our customers. We invest in education, training and equipment to provide our customers with the best possible experience.



Depending on the size and type of your property, and if you currently have Electric Vehicle Charging power or not. An Engineer may be needed to asses the amount of power you currently have vs what you'll need in order to meet your charging needs. To do this, they have to collect information of the type of equipment you currently and develop a load study. This will determine how much power you have, how much is in use and how much is available for charging. This information is needed to obtain permits and ensure a safe design without concerns of over loading.


Project Managment Ready

Project managers take all the technical information from the engineers, coordinates with your Building Inspectors, organizes your installation, schedules the labor and orders your parts and ensures the project flows smooth from start to finish and address any concerns from the customer or Village Inspectors.

Installation Icons

We value our installers as they are the back bone to the advent to sustainable energy, they work relentless day in and day out. There for we invest in them. Our skilled installation team is comprised of Journeyman Electricians with over 15 year experience and Level B Apprentice fully trained and tested to understand all the written Electrical National and local codes required to install and maintain Electrical systems in your home or property.



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